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Cedric Vandenbossche

Drawings & Paintings



My work connects with traditional methods of representing the visual world. Yet, I hope that the choices I make also have a contemporary relevance. My goal is to slow down and intensify what I observe. I find an estranged beauty in borderlands between nature and traces of human presence. I search for desolated places with no history, that for some reason have a unique presence - silent as if nothing has ever intruded, not even words.


Translating an image between mediums alters its expression. This process allows me to bridge the divisions between, drawing, painting, and photography. Repeating an image in the same medium also generates expression: In a sense, the small differences in every variation emphasize the uniqueness of everything. These repetitions may also keep the viewer engaged for longer immersed in silent, enclosed worlds.


Working in the same, small dimensions and presenting works sequentially adds a sense of time. Time, fleetingness, is ever present in my work: The decay of abandoned constructions, barren trees, dark landscapes, and even skyscapes function as time markers for us, the passengers.



Pius X Instituut, Antwerpen

Schilderkunst St-Lucas, Gent

Leraar Schilderkunst aan de Academie voor Beeldende Kunsten, Mol

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