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I earned my degrees in music from Brookhaven College (2005) and Texas Woman's University in (2008) with a focus on classical guitar and composition. I left America after graduation to teach in South Korea and currently reside outside of Seoul. The move abroad quickly provided me a wealth of new experience as well as financial security unknown to me in the United States. I began working with a camera in 2016 and feel fortunate to have such technology at my disposal.

As I grow with photography, I am much more aware of what I wish to convey with the images I present. I have a strong interest in nature and its struggle to cohabitate with humanity. A lot of barriers have been created by mankind. Many of them are somewhat transparent and I am driven to capture how they distort reality. Another interest is the simple folly of our species. We wage war, we build things that rarely last long, and we do not collectively seem to have the fortitude to sacrifice for the good of all.


It is my sincere hope that we mature as a species soon. Earth, life, and some human structures will surely remain. We still have some time to realize our potential extinction and learn to work together. Perhaps then our oasis will be in a condition for us to stick around. I will be observing and sharing the slice of the grand story visible to me.

                                                                                 - Anthony Bockheim 

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